Li yang (yangli)

Li yang (yangli)

Professor Yang is interested in combining physics models and large-scale simulations to understand quantum mechanics in materials and predict novel properties for device and energy applications. With the fast advance of computational capability, Yang's group focuses on developing and employing the large-scale, first-principles simulations without adjustable parameters for understanding electronic structures and excited-state properties of solids and further predicting novel electronic, optical, thermal, and topological properties for applications.

Quantum theory of phonons in solids, thermodynamical properties, band theory of solids, free-electron and tight-binding approaches to electronic structure. Band magnetism and local moments, Ising models, electron-electron and electron-phonon interactions, superconductivity.

Classical electromagnetism in microscopic and macroscopic forms: electromagnetic fields of and forces between charged particles. Applications to electrostatic, magnetostatic, electrodynamic, and radiation problems. Origins of quantum theory, wave packets and uncertainty relations, Schroedinger's equation in one dimension, step potentials and harmonic oscillators, eigenfunctions and eigenvalues, Schroedinger's equation in three dimensions, the hydrogen atom, symmetry, spin and the periodic table, approximation methods for time independent problems, quantum statistics.

Get Directions. Louis, MO Classical Electrodynamics I Physics Quantum Mechanics Physics Known as one of the greatest admirals in human history, and at the very least equal to the brilliance of his Imperial counterpart Reinhard von Lohengramm.

Despite his genius, Yang Wen-li was a relatively simple man harbouring no great ambitions. A firm believer in democracy, Yang Wen-li followed his ideals without wavering throughout his entire life. He was raised largely by his father, Yang Tai-longas his mother died when he was just five years old.

Yang spent most of his childhood aboard his father's interstellar trade ship, plying the star lanes between Heinessen and Fezzan. At the age of 16, Yang Tai-long reluctantly gave his son permission to study history. His father soon passed away after an accident, leaving his ship and heavily mortgaged shipping company to be repossessed by lenders, and it was discovered that his father's artwork collection consisted of entirely of fakes.

Yang Wen-li was left penniless and was unable to attend Heinessen Memorial University as he had originally planned. He thus enrolled himself in a military academy in order to further his education. Yang studied in the War History Studies Department of the Free Planets Alliance Officer Academy with the intention of becoming a historian; his tuition fees would be waived, however, on the condition that he enter into military service upon graduation.

As a student, Yang described himself as being always on the verge of flunking out. Although this gave him the appearance of an officer of average talent — he graduated right in the middle of the Class of — his grades reflected his lack of interest rather than his academic abilities. When the Imperial Fleet invaded El Facil, the Alliance fleet fled the planet, leaving behind the civilian population.

Yang remained on the planet and successfully directed the evacuation of over three million civilians, a feat which earned him widespread popularity throughout the Alliance and the title "Hero of El Facil. Frederica offered Yang coffee in a paper cup. After he had drunk the coffee, Yang told her, "I hate coffee.

I wish you'd given me tea.

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Six hours after his promotion, he was promoted again to Lt Commandermaking it effectively a double promotion. On Econia, he was caught into a conspiracy involving a prisoner rebellion and his successful handling of the situation resulted in a premature end to his appointment, which lasted only two weeks.

Nevertheless, it was during his appointment in Econia where he became acquainted with Fyodor Patrichev and Muraiboth of which would become important members of his staff in the future. As a Captainhe participated in the Battle of Van-Fleet and the Sixth Battle of Iserlohnduring which he made several tactical contributions which led him to be promoted to the rank of Commodoredespite the overall debacle in the operation.

Over the time of his rise, Yang remained a popular officer whereas the Alliance citizenry was concerned, but was seen as a political troublemaker by many of the military commanders, largely due to his rather passive yet clear admonishments of military policies. One example of this was during the weeks preceding the Third Battle of Tiamatwhen military negligence had led to the loss of several merchant ships and that of one cruiser which had remained dedicated to its assigned duties.

When asked about his opinion on the matter, Yang noted that the lost crew would have been better off with one more ship rather than posthumous medals. Yang was quickly led away from reporters following this comment.As head of the Tumor Microenvironment Section, Dr. Yang is particularly interested in how inflammation in the premetastatic environment modifies cancer cell colonization.

Her research approaches include cellular and molecular biology, cancer biology, immunology, as well as integrated genomic-wide genetic and epigenetic approaches. Tumor metastases account for the majority of cancer-associated deaths in patients. There are very few effective treatment options. How cancer cells acquire the competence to colonize distant organs is poorly understood.

Evidence from recent years strongly suggests that the tumor-stroma interactions are indispensable participants in the metastatic process. The goal of my research team is to identify the cause-effect tumor microenvironment mediators for metastasis progression and options for therapeutic intervention.

We have several focused research areas:.

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Roles of tumor suppressors TSs in metastatic progression: TSs are powerful transcriptional and signaling regulators that negatively modulate cell proliferation and survival. As such, TSs counteract the growth promoting activity of oncogenes mainly through cell autonomous mechanisms.

Yang Li (fashion designer)

TSs are frequently inactivated in sporadic cancers through biallellic inactivation, or a single allele mutation. In addition, promoter hypermethylation is one of the most consistent epigenetic mechanisms in silencing tumor suppressors in human cancers.

We are currently investigated whether TSs play critical roles in cancer metastasis, and if so, what are the underlying cellular and molecular mechanisms. We are investigating epigenetic alterations in the metastatic cancer cells mediated by the inflammatory tumor microenvironment. We use integrated genomic-wide genetic and epigenetic technology to discover key mediators. In summary, our research program investigates the molecular mechanisms underlying tumor-stroma interaction in the metastatic process.

li yang (yangli)

Our research approaches include cellular and molecular biology, cancer biology, immunology, as well as integrated genomic-wide genetic, epigenetic, and proteomic technology. We collaborate with several basic research laboratories as well as clinicians and epidemiologists for translational studies. Please contact Dr. Li Yang for information regarding the availability of postdoctoral and graduate fellowship positions in the lab.

Graduate students may apply through the Graduate Partnership Program that sponsors doctoral students at NIH through partnerships with various universities, including the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University.

She received her Ph. David Carbone. Her dissertation research focused on COX-2 pathway in tumor progression, immune suppression, and the contribution of host myeloid cells to tumor blood vessel formation. Harold Moses. She joined NCI in and was tenured in Her research program is devoted to understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying tumor-stroma interaction during metastatic process. Serendipitous discovery in mice links inflammation directly to stroke. Li Yang and her cancer research team have reported that experiments with mice suggest inflammation alone can lead to stroke.

li yang (yangli)

Learn more Skip to main content. Li Yang, Ph. Senior Investigator. Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Genetics. Head, Tumor Microenvironment Section. Contact Info Li Yang, Ph.He is the creator of Crazy Englishan unorthodox method of teaching English.

He claimed to have taught English to more than 20 million people in a decade. As a child, Li Yang was very introverted.

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He entered Lanzhou University in to major in engineering mechanics. It was during his time in that University when he devised the language instruction method for Crazy English. He continued to practice English using this method, often standing on top of the office building where he worked and shouting English. In he became English broadcaster and host in a Guangzhou TV station.

Between and he was the special invited translator in U. Consulate General in Guangzhou. Today, his method has gained significant popularity in Chinaand Li himself has attained celebrity status. He lectures to crowds of 20, to 30, and visits an average of fifteen cities a month.

The proceeds from a single lecture can gross over a million yuan. The idea of motivating millions of Chinese people with self-confidence and the ability to speak English were not initial objectives behind the founding of Crazy English.

Far from it. The fundamentals of Li Yang's inspirational techniques for remembering English words shouting the words out loud were for purely selfish interests, that of allowing Li Yang to preserve some dignity after failing thirteen exams in his first year of study.

The physical aspect of language figures large in Li's learning philosophy: "Any language is easy if you learn it with your mouth," he enthuses. His personal motto is "stimulating patriotism, advocating national spirits, conquering English, revitalizing China. Li disapproves of the film and said that it misrepresents him. Lee had posted photos of bruises on various parts of her body on Sina Weibo. While Li Yang at first did not respond to the allegations, he later admitted the accusations were true and apologized via his official microblog to his wife and three children.

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On October 27, Li and his wife filed for divorce. The case gained national attention and raised discussions over domestic violence and was subject of a feature presentation on the TV program Legal Report.

He added: "This has caused them serious physical and mental damage".He earned a Ph. He has led the development of next app prediction on Android that is in use by tens of millions of users, which pioneered on-device interactive ML on Android. Amanda Swearngin, Yang Li. Google AI Blog. Patrick H. NIPS arXiv Ken Pfeuffer, Yang Li.

Xiang 'Anthony' Chen, Yang Li.

Yang Wen-li

Ramik Sadana, Yang Li. Best Paper Award. Peggy Chi, Yang Li. Hao Lu, Yang Li. Optimistic Programming of Touch Interaction.

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Yang Li. William McGrath, Yang Li. Gesturemote: interacting with remote displays through touch gestures. Haimo Zhang, Yang Li. Hierarchical Route Maps for Efficient Navigation. Teaching Motion Gestures via Recognizer Feedback. Shahriyar Amini, Yang Li. Matei Negulescu, Yang Li.

Tom Ouyang, Yang Li. Negulescu, M.


Tsung-Hsiang Chang, Yang Li. Jaime Ruiz, Yang Li. Available on Google Play!

Li Yang (educator)

Shipped to the Android SDK. Yang Li, James Landay. Project Website. Alan Liu, Yang Li. Experimental Software Demo. Amanda SwearnginGoogle summer Intern, U.Yang Li is a fashion designer based in London. He currently is the creative director of his eponymous label Yang Li.

Li was born in Beijing and resided there for the first 10 years of his life. His mother was a translator and his father was a communist government worker and table tennis player.

After moving to PerthAustralia at the age of 10, Li spent his isolated teenage years playing basketball and skateboarding, two sports whose style and expression through clothing were his first introduction to fashion. Li dabbled in music and briefly studied law to please his parents, but ultimately decided to pursue fashion. Following his experience described as "working in a creative kitchen", he launched his eponymous label in Li's first collection "Zero Hour", released inwas shown through a short film in collaboration with filmmaker and photographer Scott Trindle, in which articles of clothing were cut and repaired in varying degrees, which he saw as an act of "subtle rebellion".

Yang Li (footballer)

Li is known for working with underground and cult musicians. Li invited the likes of Stoya, Asia Argento, Ali Michael and Genesis P-Orridge to communicate the collection in their own way, and post to Instagram at the same time during Paris Fashion Week, creating an instant digital fashion show. Li says that he was inspired by the disjointed prose of American writer William S. During that time I've worked with about twenty musicians. We're trying to push against the norm, by collaborating in this way with them, having this creative conversation.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fashion designer. This article is about the fashion designer. For footballer, see Yang Li footballer. Washington Post. Retrieved South China Morning Post. The Business of Fashion. Categories : Living people births. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Articles with hCards.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.Her impressive form has subsequently drawn comparisons of her to revered Chinese striker Sun Wen.

Yang was first called up to the Chinese women's national team ahead of the Four Nations Tournament. She scored twice on her debut on 13 October in a 3—1 win against Mexico during the tournament. China PR national football team. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Chinese footballer. This is a Chinese name ; the family name is Yang. This article is about the footballer. For the fashion designer, see Yang Li fashion designer. Retrieved 13 June The Sports Network.

li yang (yangli)

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